I'm a technical lead that has great expertise on a broad range of technologies. I have experience with high profile brands and building award winning websites. Over the last few years I have been specialising in Drupal projects, whilst still following the CSS3 and HTML5 trends.

Recent Work

Here are some recent projects I have worked on.

NSW Treasury website screenshot

NSW Treasury

Drupal 8 build

The HCG website screenshot


Campaign microsite, AWS, .NET API, Angular admin

Energy Australia website screenshot

Energy Australia

Drupal 8 build. Acquia and Ogilvy

KFC website screenshot

KFC Australia

Kentico CMS, AppBoy integration

Sydney Metro website screenshot

Sydney Metro

Drupal build, panels based, GovCMS PaaS.

Padlokt website screenshot


Drupal integration with videoconferencing, paypal, Campaign Monitor, brightcove and node.js.

Energy rating website screenshot

Energy Rating

Drupal lightning distribution with panels.

Ogilvy Australia website screenshot

Ogilvy Australia

Drupal 7 - Custom Ogilvy setup.

Get In Touch

The easiest way to contact me would be via one of the social network links on this site. You can find the icons either on the sidebar or in the footer.


I have different personas on different social networks.